22 Nov 2022

The Fundamental Skill

By Krishna Kumar, Regional Manager, Telecom Sector Skill Council

Undoubtedly Skill Development is the key mantra that's driving the development of the Nation today. However, the gaps that need to be filled are yet wide. There is a perception issue that needs to be addressed while all the efforts are being put in to upgrade the skills of the youth of our nation today. As long as the youth of the nation look at a job that "pays" them well instead of a job/skill that they are passionate about, the impact of the skill development will not yield the desired results.

While having seen a little "Gyaan" on the perception front, let's see the opportunity for Skill development in the Telecom Sector. India has a whopping 1.3 billion population, with 1.6 billion mobiles registered. This is expected to grow beyond 2 billion users in the coming years. While a product or a service becomes an integral part of your life, the opportunity for career growth in the sector is humongous. Now, the challenge is to assess one's interest or passion in a particular sector and learn the required skills to make use of the opportunity that is put forth. As the saying goes "Every Problem comes with a hidden opportunity", it's up to the individual to identify the problem, analyze it, do a root cause analysis to derive a solution, and convert the solution into an opportunity.

While the Central & State Governments are providing various free platforms for the youth of our nation to get themselves skilled in around 36 different sectors to help them be employed or become an employer, it is very much a need of the hour to understand that a skill certification alone does not suffice the market need. The employment opportunity is humongous in India. It's just the dearth of skills that keeps these job opportunities vacant.  Having said this, it is undeniable that in today's modern & technological world, AI & ML are key skills that help one achieve their dreams. By AI - we mean Actual Intelligence: When we harp more on Artificial Intelligence, let's not lose out on our Actual intelligence and Common Sense. This is highly important when you approach a job opportunity. This is the fundamental skill that helps you build your career. Second, comes the ML - Mother Language or the Mother Tongue. If we do not master this skill, we lose out on our dream and vision. Without a dream and a vision, we end up as losers.

While you can browse and learn a lot about the various skill courses and schemes offered by the Government agencies and the job opportunities, the fundamental skills "Actual Intelligence & Mother Language" are to be derived by oneself. This is not something that can be taught. But definitely can be coached or mentored. Get a good mentor and do a self-analysis. Forget your flaws and start building on your career by developing the required skills that keep your passion ignited always. Once you settle on your fundamental requirements, there are 36 Sector Skill Councils and various Government agencies that are waiting to help you acquire the required skill sets based on your passion to help you become a successful Employee or an Entrepreneur.

The opportunities are in front of you, the platform to help you acquire the skills is ready and waiting to help you, and the Stage to showcase your skillsets is waiting to embrace... Are you Ready?

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